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Researchers are invited to make use of the assays detailed below. In case of any technical query, the scientists concerned may be approached through email

Assays Biological Activity
Clonogenic Assays
Haematopoietic Assays
Genotoxicity assays
1. Reverse mutation assays using Salmonella typhimurium tester strains(7)
2. Reverse mutation assays using E coli tester strains (3)
3. In vitro chromosomal aberration assay
4. In vitro micronucleus assay
5. In vitro sister chromatid exchange assay
6. In vivo sister chromatid exchange assay
7. In vivo chromosomal aberration assay
8. In vivo micronucleus assay.
9. Microarray and real time based toxicity assays
Neurotoxicity assays
1. In vitro neurotoxicity assays
2. In vivo neurotoxicity assays
3. Rodent Models for Parkinson disease for drug screening
Hepatotoxicity assays
1. In vitro hepatotoxicity assays
2. In vivo hepatotoxicity assays
Models Nephrotoxicity Nephrotoxicity
Models Cardiotoxicity Cardiotoxicity
hERG safety assay using the manual patch clamp electrophysiology technique Cardiotoxicity
Models for Reproduction, fertility and Teratology
1. In vivo fertility assays for both sexes
2. In vitro teratological evaluations by whole embryo culture assays
3. In vivo teratological evaluations
4. In vivo Rodent and Rabbit Models for Peri and postnatal evaluation of NCEs
Reproduction, fertility and Teratology
Models for cancer screening
1. Invadosomes biogenesis assay
2. Cell Migration assay
3. Assays to establish oxidative stress
4. Screening models for Lung, breast and hepato and prostate carcinogenesis
5. In vitro Models for establishment of pathways of anticancers
Models for immunotoxicity
1. In vitro HIV1 RT assay
2. In vitro human cytokine profiling assays
3. In vitro model for screening immunomodulators.
4. In vivo immune toxicity
Assays using an alternative model
1. Assay for studying effect on amyloid beta aggregation in transgenic C. elegans model of Alzheimer's disease
2. Assay for studying effect on alpha synuclein aggregation in transgenic C. elegans model of Parkinson's disease.
3. Assay for studying effect on acetylcholine content in C. elegans
Toxicity studies for all types of Regulatory Toxicity (single dose, sub acute and chronic exposure) for IND purpose as per schedule Y (GOI). Toxicology

* Minimum Quantity of the compound required, running cost of the assay and time required for the assay shall be communicated on request