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Business Development & Intellectual Property Unit

Intellectual Property related Activities

CSIR-CDRI Business Development-Intellectual Property Unit offers support to CSIR-CDRI Scientists, Technical staff and Students on all elements related to inventions, in accordance with the Institute’s Charter.

In collaboration with liaised institutes, we can help you to find professional entrepreneurs and/or investors to realise your dreams.

To this end we have several skilled sections to maximise the value of novel research findings (inhouse or collaborative):

➤ Management of institute’s IP portfolio including :

• IP counseling & awareness among fellow scientists and research scholars.

• Prior art search (free and subscription based databases) & documentation.

• Coordination towards provisional/complete application filings.

• Pursuing IP cases sent to CSIR Hqrs. and administrative clarifications.

• Response to “Office Actions” from different Patent Offices of various countries.

• Recommendations for renewal of patents and commercialization inputs.

• Response to the Parliament Questions and other organizations (Audit and other queries from Govt./Public sector/RTI//Private parties).

• Information relating to commercialization of know-how.

• Significant inputs towards Technology Transfer/Licensing arrangements.

➤ In addition, the Unit also coordinates and contributes towards:

• Significant inputs to Translation of research output.

• Visits and meetings/seminars/symposia/workshops etc. of International delegates to CSIR-CDRI.

• The research endeavors of TWAS/RTFDCS/CV Raman etc. Fellowship holders at CSIR-CDRI.

• The activities of CSIR-OSDD related projects.

• Valorisation & Business Development,

• Contracts & IP,

• and (together with other departments) Grants to give you information and support for raising external funds.

Team Members

  • Dr. Sripathi Rao Kulkarni
  • Dr. Naseem Ahmed Siddiqui