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Career Growth Oppurtunities
A unique opportunity for research career in Science & Technology in the area of Drugs, Pharmaceuticals and Biomedical Research

CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute (CSIR-CDRI) is a premier research organization under the Council of Scientific and Industrial research (CSIR). We are engaged in exciting research pertaining to understanding the disease biology of microbial and parasitic infections, ageing and metabolic diseases (including cancer) and discovery and development of therapeutic interventions against these diseases. CSIR-CDRI is a thriving institute with a wide range of expertise, infrastructure and a research-supportive environment.

We welcome applications from interested candidates with proven academic/industrial track records who can independently work on novel ideas, take up new challenges and commit themselves to research of the highest quality. The candidates must also be equally comfortable in working in groups and engage in fluent intra-institutional and inter-disciplinary collaborations.

We are looking for people with expertise in clinical pharmacology (MD), clinical endocrinology (MD), analytical biochemistry (with emphasis on biological assay developments), microbiology, parasitology, bioninformatics, computational biology, computational chemistry, metabolic diseases including but not limited to bone and joint diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer, neurobiology, medicinal and process chemistry, organic chemistry (with emphasis on drug design and chemical biology), natural products chemistry, toxicology, human genetics, and pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis. Candidates who do not strictly have research experience in the mentioned areas (such as cell biologists, immunologists) but can contribute to these fields in unique ways are also welcome to send their applications.

Please send in your application to (recruit[at] Your application should contain your CV with date of birth (with names of 6-8 referees), a brief (1-2 page) account of your present/past research and its significance, and a statement of purpose (SOP) describing issues that your future research at CSIR-CDRI would aim to address (2-6 pages).