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Virus Research & Therapeutics

Virus Research & Therapeutics

Vision and Goal:

• To carry out state-of-the-art research on virus pathogenesis with emphasis on clinical applications to meet National priorities for tackling viral diseases with pandemic potential

• Development of drug repurposing platforms for rapidly countering emerging viral threats and specific chemical libraries using medicinal chemistry and acquisition approaches.

• Development of platform technologies for early and rapid detection of viral diseases

• Development of inherently safe and cost-effective antiviral vaccines

• Research and development on oncolytic viruses targeting triple-negative breast cancer

• Therapeutic discovery applications for alleviating nationally important veterinary viral diseases in collaboration with other National institutes


R Ravishankar*
Rajkamal Tripathi*
Rahul Shukla*
Chetan D Meshram
Sourav Haldar
JV Pratap
Kishor Mohanan
Damodara Reddy
Ajay K. Srivastava
Ravindra Kumar
Chandra Bhushan Tripathi
Kinshuk Raj Srivastava
Arvind Kshatri
S. K. Rath
Prabhat R Mishra
J. R. Gayen

*Area coordinator

Core Competencies and Activities

• Virus culture facility for Japanese encephalitis, Dengue, SARS-CoV2, oncolytic viruses, and other viruses important for the Nation.

• BSL-3 facilities for in vitro antiviral screening assays

• Array of in vitro and in vivo assay systems for testing of antiviral compounds

• Compound libraries consisting of approved drugs, Phytopharmaceuticals and non-toxic compounds with platform assays for quick repurposing against emerging viruses with pandemic potential

• ex vivo bio-models for viral infection using human organoid cultures

• Investigate the mechanisms that lead to severe dengue illness using murine models

• Understanding the role of SARS-CoV-2 immunity in flaviviral pathogenesis

• Address questions regarding cell trafficking, cytokine control of infection, and cell-mediated immunity

• Multi-institutional collaborations with diverse expertise consisting of Medicinal chemistry, Virology, Structural Biology, Artificial intelligence, Chemical biology, Safety and toxicology, Clinicians and Veterinarians, to carry out the research and translational activities.

• Mechanistic studies to decipher viral entry, pathogenesis and host-virus interaction