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Cancer Biology

Cancer Biology

Vision and Goal:

• Affordable Cancer Care for Indian Patients

• Deep understanding of Disease Biology for New Target Discovery

• Development of Indian Patient Centric Preclinical Models.

• Natural Product Driven Adjunct Cancer Therapy.


Dipak Datta* Atul Kumar Ravi Ampapathi
Dibyendu Banerjee Dipankar Koley* Dipak K Mishra
Dr. Smrati Bhadauria Kishor Mohanan MI Siddiqi
Arun K. Trivedi Gautam Panda JR Gayen
Jayanta Sarkar Namrata Rastogi PR Mishra
Neeraj Jain Ravindra Kumar SK Rath
Nayan Ghosh Sharad Sharma
K V Sashidhara
Pintu K Mandal
Damodara Reddy
P. P. Yadav
Malleswara Rao Kuram
Ramesh Chintakunta
T Narender

*Area coordinator

Core Competencies and Activities

• Development of High Value Generic drugs through non-infringing and cost-effective synthetic route

• Design and synthesis of New Chemical Entities against clinically validated cancer drug targets

• Preclinical evaluation of potent anti-cancer entities

• State of the art animal facility for breeding and maintenance of transgenic and immunocompromised mice

• Xenograft and allograft mouse models for different cancers

• Inducible model of oral cancer in genetically engineered mouse model