Professor Tapas K. Kundu, PhD

Director, CSIR-CDRI

My group’s interest is truly multidisciplinary in nature, ranging from fundamental epigenetics and gene regulation to Chemical Biology. We have made significant contributions in the area of regulation of gene expression and its link to disease and therapeutics, especially cancer and neurological disorders. We have not only elucidating the mechanisms of transcription regulation through the epigenetic modifications, but also targeting them to design new generation diagnostics, as well as therapeutics. Over the years, we have published several research papers in many international journals. Several patent applications from the laboratory have been granted and some are under process, which includes several academically important research reagents with potential commercial values, some of which have already been commercialized by renowned companies. Remarkably, we have shown that the specific activation of p300/CBP by small molecule activator, discovered by the group could result in almost complete recovery of memory in the neurodegenerative disease model. This activation could also dramatically lead to repairing of spinal injury in mice and rat. These innovations are in the process of translation.

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