Screen Reader Access

Researchers are invited to make use of the assays detailed below. In case of any technical query, the scientists concerned may be approached through email

Model/Assay Assay System Disease area
Sander-Cramer assay for evaluation of spermicidal activity   In vitro   Contraception
Assay for vaginal contraception in Rabbit In vivo Contraception
Evaluation of Anti-proliferative activity against human BPH-stromal primary cells In vitro Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia  
In vivo assay for anti-BPH activity in rat model   In vivo   Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia  
Anti-spermatogenic activity in rats In vivo Contraception
Wound healing assay In vitro  
Migration and invasion assays   In vitro   Cancer  
DMBA-induced mammary tumor model   In vivo   Breast cancer  
Topoisomerase inhibition assay In vitro   Cancer  
Anti-proliferation Assay in Primary cell lines In vitro screening for the compounds anti-proliferation activity   Cancer  
Apoptosis assay in primary cells/ tumors -To evaluate the anti-cancerous properties of a particular compound using apoptosis assay In vitro/ In vivo   Cancer  
DNMT, HDAC, HAT activity assays - Epigenetic assays for aging and anti-cancer research. Assays being used to evaluate the epigenetic targets of novel compounds in mammalian cell lines. The major epigenetic targets are DNMTs, HATs and HDACs.     In vitro
Telomerase assay  In vitro  Cancer, Aging  
Chromatin Immuno Precipitation (ChIP) assay- For DNA-protein interaction studies  In vitro  Cancer / Male Reproduction/Neurobiology
Comet Assay -For DNA damage In vitro  Cancer, Male reproduction
Transcription assay  In vitro  Cancer, Male reproduction
Clonogenic assay In vitro   Cancer
Proteasome inhibition assay –For screening of proteasome inhibitors   In vitro   Cancer / Male Reproduction
Mammalian two hybrid assay- Cellular function   In vitro  Cancer / Male Reproduction
Flowcytometric TUNEL assay-DNA damage, apoptosis   In vitro  Cancer / Male Reproduction
PMN Phagocytosis assay- For screening of Phagocytosis   In vitro  Cancer / Male Reproduction
Flurometry based autophagy assay- For screening of Autophagy  In vitro  Cancer / Male Reproduction
Middle cerebral artery occlusion- For Screening of neuroprotective activity    In vitro  Neurobiology
Luciferase reporter assay- For evaluation of Transcriptional activity  In vitro  Cancer / Male Reproduction/Neurobiology
Neonatal SD rats for calvarial osteoblast cell isolation. -Use for assessing alkaline phosphatase activity as a measure of osteoblast differentiation and alizarin staining for osteoblast mineralization  In vitro  Osteoporosis/ Bone diseases
Peak bone mass measurements- Rats administered with compound showing promising in vitro activity. Treatment for one month, autopsied and bones and serum used for evaluating bone formation and resorption parameters.  In vitro  Osteoporosis/ Bone diseases
Adult SD osteopenic rat model. -Rats ovariectomized and left for a period of three months to develop osteopenia. Following this, osteopenic rats administered compound for three months, autopsied and bones and serum used for evaluating bone formation and resorption parameters   In vitro  Osteoporosis/ Bone diseases
Adult Ovariectomized Balb/c mice model. Mice ovariectomized and administered compound for one month, autopsied and bones and serum used for evaluating bone formation and resorption parameters  In vitro  Osteoporosis/ Bone diseases
Bone marrow culture from adult SD rats-For osteogenic differentiation  Ex vivo  Osteoporosis/ Bone diseases
Bone marrow culture from female Balb/c mice-For osteoclast differentiation    Ex vivo  Osteoporosis/ Bone diseases

* Minimum Quantity of the compound required, running cost of the assay and time required for the assay shall be communicated on request