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Isaptent was developed by CDRI for its use as a cervical dilator for carrying out Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) or abortion as well as for performing minor gynecological surgeries.

Before Isaptent was made available, Laminaria tents were being imported which were not only expensive but were also not readily available. CDRI made use of the husk of the plant, Plantago ovata (Isapgol) which is an agricultural product. Isapgol has this unique property of getting swelled in contact with water. The swelling is up to seven times of the original volume when the seed husk gets absorbed in water. This swelling property has been utilized for dilating the cervix for performing abortion or operation. The added natural advantage is the lubrication that the husk provides.

Isapgol seed husk is granulated and compressed into stick of appropriate size, which are encapsulated in cloth tubes either lined inside with a resized paper or coated with a thin film of micro-crystalline cellulose. These tubes are then compressed, packed in glass or polythene containers and sterilized under gamma radiation.

Isaptent is being extensively used by primary healthcare centers, family planning establishments, hospitals and individual gynecologists for performing MTP. The Isaptent, due to its indigenous characteristics and abundantly available raw materials comes quite cheap and can be made easily available.

The Isptent is commercially made available by M/s Unichem Ltd, Mumbai under the brand name Dilex 'C'.