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CENTPROPAZINE (Antidepressant)

Interest in the development of antidepressants had its beginning in early sixties after the introduction of imipramine. This was followed by introduction of several antidepressants belonging to the major groups of "tricyclic antidepressant" and "monoamine oxidase inhibitors". However, following their increasing use in psychiatry and general practice, several limitations were observed such as they were not effective in 20-30% patients; the onset of effect takes 2-3 weeks; excess consumption risk by patients having suicidal tendency; and adverse effects of anticholinergic and cardiovascular nature.

Limitations of existing antidepressant drugs have led to persistent global efforts to develop newer drugs. Centpropazine is a new antidepressant compound with a different pharmacological profile. The early clinical studies showed it to be safe and well tolerated in normal human volunteers. Multicentric clinical efficacy studies were carried out in nearly 250 patients suffering from depression. These studies reveal Centpropazine to have comparable response rate with remarkably safer tolerability profile.