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Centbucridine (Local anaesthetic)

Surgeons all over the country had been experiencing the need of a more effective and safer low dose local anesthetics. The currently available local anesthetic agents were not very quick in action and the duration of anesthetic effect was also not very long.

CDRI drug research programme has addressed to this need of the country and has come up Centbucridine. This compound is not only safer and more effective than the currently available local anesthetic, lignocaine but also has features that give it better acceptability. This drug is a totally new chemical moiety and has no relation whatsoever with lignocaine

Centbucridine is superior to lignocaine in many aspects. Centbucridine has been found to possess several desirable properties. As compared to lignocaine, it is 4 to 5 times more potent, its onset of action is much quicker, and the duration of action is longer. Due to its vasoconstrictor activity, it does not require simultaneous administration of adrenaline. It does not effect the cardiovascular parameters due to its moderate antihistaminic activity and is not likely to show skin sensitivity. Moreover, it can be used in patients showing hypersensitivity to lignocaine.

It had earlier been licensed to Themis Chemicals Ltd., Mumbai which marketed it under the brand name Centoblok.