Tender Download
Purchase order for AMC for software maintenance and support for CBRS, SAIF, HRMS, Website, Recruitment software etc. for 1 year 66927
Purchase order for Filter UG5 Black.. ERP-6431
Purchase order for Down Flow Supply Filter, Part No. 21456 .. ERP-5683
Purchase order for Spare parts of Water Purification System .. ERP-3380
Purchase order for Spare Needle Seal SIL-20A (End User Price No. discount).. ERP-1185
Purchase order for Spare Needle Seal SIL-20A (End User Price No. discount).. ERP-1185
Purchase order for CD44 shRNA-1 Vial of glycerol stock.. 67420
Purchase order for service charges for installation support on HPC cluster 6193
motor fan (230 V, 202V base plate),servicing of centrifuge... ERP5856
Server/Software XG230 Full Guard Plus (FGP) with enhanced Support -12 MOS (As per Quotation) ERP-4368
Purchase order for SPARE Spares for Scroll Air Compressor make “Anest Iwata” Air End # SL -140E ERP-2756
Purchase order for Upgradation Of Basic Matlab Modules till 31.03.2022,Parallel Computing Toolbox ERP-870
Purchase order for Capillary, FS, 0.6MM one 67164
Purchase order for Vacuum pump oil (oil) R-2 1L... 66727
Purchase order for Camera Filter for Leica Digital Camera... 66641
Purchase order for tungsten filament for SEM 10 per pack,200 um apertures for SEM 3 per pack... 65672
Purchase order for Motor complete,Flange for motor shaft,Motor shaft seal.... 64101
Purchase order for Repair of equipment MMI-60 display card on shaker Cat No.SMX856051 ERP6232
Purchase order for SPD-20 A BLK UV-VIS Spectrophotometric Detector (22-65308-58) ERP-5110
Purchase order for UTM Appliance XG 330 Full Guard Plus (FGP) with Enhanced support -12 MOS ERP4145
Purchase Order for ABSIPL Makes Pole*Advance brands UTL Freezer 86C.... 64345
Purchase Order for CBA RF FRAC COLL TESTED KB 64375
Purchase Order for Repair of Laminar flow with Part No.: 2792,Motor Exhaust Fan ERP502
Purchase Order for Mighty Small II Deluxe, Hoefer Mighty Small Transfer Tank ... ERP2703
Purchase Order for Contactor 32A... ERP3095
Purchase Order for SSY, PCB, PERSONALITY CARD HSN/SAC : 90279090 ... 66930
Purchase Order for SI Probe Service Kit ... 66870
Purchase Order for EpochTM Microplate Spectrophotometer... ERP771
Purchase Order for Xenon Lamp,P9 Seal Kit ERPC2308
Purchase Order for Spare parts of Water Purification System Spare parts of Water Purification System" DIAPHRAGM PUMP (AQU8871)" ERP3282
Purchase Order for Repair of equipment Repair + Part flat: Gr 4 Multi-Purpose centrifuge w Refregeration Model 5810R Table Top Refrigerated centrifuge Product Sl. No. 5811AI063191 Servicing including part 5820850329 (Repair Kit) ERP2273
Purchase Order for Electrochemical Reaction Apparatus Elecrasyn 2.0 Pro Package ERP1940
PAC Purchase Order for Lamp Xenon 13V,100W 64103
PAC Purchase Order for ACQUITY PDA/TUV 2489/2998 PERF MAINT KIT,12x32 Gls Srw Cap Vl w/Bnd pre-slt septa,... 64731
PAC Purchase Order for Mercury Lamp Mercury(Hg) Gas Discharge Lamp ERP551
PAC Purchase Order for Bio-Chemicals/Kits Human TNF ELISA Set,TMB Substrate Reagent set-1 set ERP709
PAC Purchase Order for Schrodinger software 1.Maestro Access License.. 64646
PAC Purchase Order for MultiAlu Block 64595
PAC Purchase Order for Opto-encoder 64154
PAC Purchase Order for Ultra-high-pressure Hg-lamp HG 50W Lamp life 100 hour 64305
PAC Purchase Order for Motor 1x230v 50/60Hz 175w L 64409
PAC Purchase Order for MTR FAN SPARE FOR 007969 64581
PAC Purchase Order for Disposable Clip-on BP Domes 10 plastic domes in a pack 64300
PAC Purchase Order for PSU & CPU & Analog Input 64653
PAC Purchase Order for RHEODYNE 7725 PM KIT 1, VALVE, CHECK, CERAMIC, PKG (2), 2/pk, etc 64701
Purchase Order for GST antibody(56C1) 200ug/ml, His-probe antibody(AD1.1.10) 200ug/ml 64485
Purchase Order for Ki67 PE 25ug, PD-1 100ug,.. etc 64674
Purchase Order for CyclinD1 200µl, CyclinD2 200µl,..etc 64724
Purchase Order for CXCR5 biotin 100ug, CD135 BV421 25ug, ... etc 64734
Purchase Order for PL aquagel-OH MIXED-H 8um 300 x 7.5mm PL aquagel-OH MIXED-H 8um 300 x 7.5mm/1 64288
Purchase Order for Vaccum gasket KD22.. 63854
Purchase Order for Motor complete,Flange for motor shaft.. 64101
Purchase Order for Opto Encoder, Spares for Model : 3-K30 / Sr. No. 137781,Speed Sensor, Spares for Model : 1-14K / Sr. No. 137500 01.. 64197
Purchase Order for CO2 sensor with flying leads for all Galaxy CO2 Incubators 1 EA DE,Porous CO2 Cover (PK of 5) 1 PC DE 64202
Purchase Order for Repair flat rate: CO2 Incubator Service, installation of CO2 sensor andcalibration of CO2 and temperature for Model : Galaxy CO-170 R,.. 64203
Purchase Order for PM Kit,D2 LAMP,D2 LAMP /PDA.. 64207
Purchase Order for D2-LAMP VP/Prominence PDA for HPLC,SEAL 42455,.. 64361
Purchase Order for GFP Antibody (B-2) 200ug/ml.. 64363
Purchase Order for SpotON Flow cells (R 9.4 RevD) 1... 64418
Purchase Order for Purge Valve, 10 ml 1... 64423
Purchase Order for Phospho-AKT1 (Ser473) Antibody 100ul 1 ... 64593
Purchase Order for NLRP3 Antibody 100ul 1... 64603
Award of contract for the procurement of Rheometer (tender Id:2020_CSIR_52558_1) 63503
Purchase Order for Glass anti roll plate assembly 1 unit 63936
Purchase Order for CO2 sensor with flying leads for CO2 incubators,Incubator CO2 LCD Display with inverter 1,.. 63924
Purchase Order for Hot Plate assembly 230 Volt.. 63279
Purchase Order for Nanodrop Spectrophotometer 62870
Purchase Order for CENTRIFUGE 5804 R, W/O ROTOR, REFRIGERATE, 230V/50-60Hz. 64259
Purchase Order for Spare Kit Micro Filter,Seal Kit with Dessicant-Dryspell plus 45... 64259
Purchase Order for Gel Seal Mini Pleat HEPA Filters,Mini Pleat HEPA Filters... 63587
Purchase Order for Tzero Pans pkg. of 100,Tzero Lids pkg. of 100... 63587
Purchase Order for Pan, sample, open, AI, 400PC/ SET, d5.2, h2.5 2 set 63587
Purchase Order for Corn Cob Animal Bedding 63362
Purchase Order for MONOWAVE 400 Serial number: 82141257 sub-item 101 refers to this item PNEUMATIC UNIT MONOWAVE 63532
Purchase Order for MCG VALVE ASSY HSN/SAC,Repair HSN/SAC,Zone Uplift 62548
Hosting Solutions/Service 5GB Web Server Space for Domain name (www.saiflucknow.org) Period covered 15/10/2019 to 14/10/2020 one 62643
Purchase Order for Single Pot Oil Cell Complete,Compatible Chiller (-20 to100) 63127
Purchase Order for Repair of Galaxy CO-170 S CO2 sensor with flying leads for Galaxy CO2 incubator HSN: 8419,PCB Mainboard HSN Code:8419 63278
Purchase Order for Kit, e2695 Performance Maintenance,Domestic Freight and Insurance 63377
Purchase Order for PUMP, VACUUM, DEGASSER 1 per pack,Domestic Freight and Insurance 63409
Motor Focus Drives Motor Focus Drive short 63451
Set of HEPA Filters(Including Downflow Filter and Exhaust Filter) 63514
NAP-5 20 ST 63522
Photochemical block Reactor 63665
Annual software license for the Molecular Operating Environment (MOE) without scientific support The annual license price includes updates and no support. License Period: February 01, 2021 - January 31, 2022 0 63831
Annual Software Subscription - Chenomx NMR Suite Professional Edition 63849