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Research Interests

Areas of Research

imageCardiometabolic disorders
image Dyslipidemia and Atherosclerosis
imageInflammation and Innate Immunity

Research Focus

Our research group is interested in understanding the molecular mechanism of cardiometabolic disorders like atherosclerosis and the role of inflammation and hyperlipidemia in the same. We are using animal models and cell based systems for achieving our research goals. Emphasis is on the elucidation of cellular signaling events in inflammatory cells and vessel wall. Protein kinase mediated signaling and phosphorylation events are of special interest. Presently we are focusing on protein kinases that can regulate the innate and adaptive immune response during the progression of cardiometabolic disorders like atherosclerosis. The laboratory is actively involved in screening and developing new molecules for treating dyslipidemia, cardiovascular disorders and inflammation by doing target based screening of many proteins like PCSK9 and TNF. Final aim is to identify and develop therapeutic targets for cardiometabolic disorders.

Recent Findings

 Molecular mechanisms of chronic inflammation are novel therapeutic targets for treating disorders like atherosclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Interleukin 1 Receptor Associated Kinase (IRAK) is an important regulator of innate and adaptive immune response. Our group demonstrated that IRAK regulates IL-1β production in monocytic cells. In this study a novel mechanism of IL-1β production that involves TLR2, CD11b, PKCδ-IRAK1-JNK-AP1 axis was identified. In addition role of ROS and NOX in IL-1β production was also established. This study proposes new therapeutic targets for the prevention of chronic inflammatory diseases involving IL-1β production. Research findings also demonstrated role of native and modified LDL in macrophage foam cell formation. Role of Ox-LDL in sterile inflammation was also established. Studies in vascular smooth muscle cells and rat model of atherosclerosis demonstrated role of IRAK in smooth muscle proliferation and neo-intimal hyperplasia. Novel anti-atherothrombotic molecules have been characterized in animal models of atherosclerosis developed by the lab. Studies have demonstrated anti-atherosclerotic and anti-inflammatory effects of curcuma derived formulations by novel mechanisms.