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All consultancy services in CSIR-CDRI shall be institutional. Consultancy shall be in an area of expertise of the laboratory, preferably its thrust areas. The consultancy shall comprise scientific, technical, engineering or other professional advice / assistance based on the available knowledgebase / expertise of the laboratory. It may cover:
image01 Scientific, technical, engineering or other professional advice provided to a client;
image01 Literature survey and preparation of feasibility studies, technology forecasting/ evaluation reports etc.;
image01 Interpretation of test results and data provided by the client;
image01 Risk and hazard/ environment impact analysis, pollution abatement/ control measures etc.;
image01 Assistance in erection, commissioning, operation, troubleshooting, productivity improvements,, etc.;
image01 Customized Human Resource Development programme either at the laboratory or at clients location ( These are specially tailored training programmes to suite customer needs, undertaken by laboratories either on their own or at specific request of clients.
image01 Technical advice such as troubleshooting, problem resolving, quality control etc.