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Contract R&D shall comprise all R&D undertaken and executed under specific contractual arrangements agreed upon for the purpose. The projects to be undertaken should fall within the purview of approved research areas of the laboratory. Contract research shall cover:
image01Sponsored R&D
image01Collaborative R&D
image01Grant-in-aid R&D

Sponsored R&D
Projects wholly funded by the client having specified R&D objectives and well defined expected project output/results leading to the generation of intellectual property rights/ Knowledgebase. Sponsored projects could also be muticlient, with two or more sponsors sharing the project funding and research outputs.

Collaborative R&D
Projects partially funded by the client and or supplemented by provision of inputs such as expert manpower/production/ fabrication of product in bulk for testing/trials, creation of infrastructural facilities or other inputs etc. These could be in the advance areas of research for upscaling/providing the laboratory level know-how, technology development or generation of intellectual property. Depending on the nature of the projects, the expected project output/results could be defined. These projects could also be muticlient, with two or more parties sharing the projects funding and research outputs.

Grant-in-aid R&D
Projects involving a grant by way of financial inputs either in full or in part to supplement laboratory efforts in ongoing or new R&D projects or for creating new capabilities/facilities. Grant in aid projects are normally for supporting basic or exploratory R&D.