Over the last six decades, CSIR-CDRI has built a unique model for drug research in India – having everything under one roof, from synthesis, screening, development studies, process up-scaling to clinical studies. Taking a clue from globalization and paradigm shift in R&D approaches in last couple of decades, Institute is incessantly upgrading its facilities and integrating novel approaches in its new drug R&D and biomedical research. Modernization has resulted in the increase in the number of collaborations with world class academic & research institutions and Pharma companies, as well as cut down the cost and time of drug discovery and development. In continuation to the modernization program, a new world class drug research laboratory equipped with all the modern facilities and modalities as per the national and international regulatory guidelines has been built, which is to be occupied by Institute researchers very shortly. Institute collaborates with Pharma industries/academic institutions/funding agencies for development of new drugs, drug targets, new pharmaceutical technologies and new models. Some of the opportunities available are as follows:

  • Joint R&D with IPR and financial benefit sharing.

  • Licensing of hit/lead molecules.

  • Contract R&D in some specific areas.

  • Consultancy Services.

  • Licensing of some facilities.
  • Modern Drug Discovery Facilities

  • Sophisticated Analytical Instrumentation Services.

  • Biological Screening.

  • Information Services.

  • Human Resource Development.

Candidate Drugs / Lead Optimization / Hits open for licensing Current Status of Development
Neglected Parasitic and Infectious Diseases  
image01 Candidate Drug 97/78 (Antimalarial) Phase I Clinical Trial
image01 Novel oral combination formulation (SMEDDS) for treatment of Malaria IND to be filed
image01 Compound S011-1793 (Antimalarial) Lead Optimization
image01 Dry powder inhalation of anti-tuberculosis drugs Pre-Clinical Studies
image01 Compound 98/288 (anti-leishmanial) Lead Optimization
Life Style Diseases  
image01 Compound S013-0431 (Anti-dyslipidemic) Lead optimization
image01 Compound S013-1593 (Anti-obesity) Lead optimization
image01 Compound S007-867 (Anti-platelet) Pre-Clinical Studies
image01 Compound S002-333 (Anti-platelet) Pre-Clinical Studies
image01 Compound S013-1304 (For major depression) Lead optimization
Reproductive Health and Osteoporosis  
image01 Candidate Drug 99/373 (Anti-osteoporotic) Phase I Clinical Trial
image01 Compound S007-1500 (Novel Oral Rapid Fracture Healing agent) Pre-Clinical Studies
image01 CDR2492C002 formulation for post-menopausal osteoporosis and associated fractures Lead optimization
image01 Compound S007-1235 (Anti-colon cancer) Lead optimization
image01 Novel cancer biomarker for rapid screening of cervical cancer Lead optimization
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