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  • Technology: Dry powder inhalation of particles containing anti-tuberculosis drugs

  • Salient Features
    • Completely eradicates tuberculosis (TB)-causing bacteria from the lungs of experimentally-infected mice and guinea pigs in four weeks (20 doses of 80-100 micrograms).
    • If combined with half the recommended oral dose of the same drugs, extra-pulmonary site of infection (spleen) is also completely cleared of bacteria, with no relapse over the next four weeks if animals receive no further treatment.
    • Activates macrophages infected with TB-causing bacteria to mobilize innate bactericidal responses when they pick up inhaled particles (host-directed therapy in addition to chemotherapy).
    • Completely safe for chronic (90-days, repeated daily doses, 5 days/week) inhalation by Rhesus monkeys—also in acute/subacute inhalation safety/toxicity studies in mice.
    • Potential for “therapeutic isolation” of TB patients who receive inhalations (since some inhaled particles will come out every time they cough), thereby blocking transmission of TB.
    • Potential to reduce total duration of treatment, significantly reducing probability of infecting naïve individuals.

  • Application/Uses

    Treatment of pulmonary TB with orally-administered drugs is sub-optimal—exposing non-target tissues to toxic drugs and requiring large doses to build up effective concentrations in lungs. Prolonged dosing is required to build up and maintain effective concentrations in lungs. Patients remain infectious for considerable periods after initiating drug treatment.

  • Level/Scale of Development

    Developed, Animal Trials Done,IND to be filed

  • IPR Status

    Patent Appln No.- 1282DEL2003 filed in India , PCT.
    Granted in South Africa

  • Status of Commercialization

    Open for licensing