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Our research is mainly focused to address following two long term goals:

1. Discovery of novel chemical entities selective for a G Protein coupled receptor, which further can be developed for the treatment of CNS disorders, including obesity, Major depression and dementia

2. Identification and validation of new druggable targets of CNS disorders, specifically “Major Depression” and Dementia (cogntitive impairments across several CNS pathologies)

To achieve the first objective, we have high throughput assay systems for screening small molecule libraries against a panel of GPCRs (total 30 receptors in the panel: Opioid receptors, Dopamine receptors, Muscarinic acetylcholine receptors, Serotonin receptors and all orphan GPCRS). To achieve the second objective, we are using cutting–edge chemogenetic tool - engineered receptor technology-Designer Receptor Exclusively Activated by Designer Drug (DREADD) to selectively silence or activate a specific neuronal population or circuitry and investigate the affected behavioral and biochemical perturbations thereof. Furthermore, we are also involved in developing new in vitro and in vivo model systems to investigate the disease etiology and the efficacy of novel drug candidates.