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Research Interests

Immunology and Microbiology of Mycobacterial Infections

The formidable resurgence of tuberculosis in the wake of AIDS is causing global concern. The situation has worsened due to emergence of multidrug resistant strains of M. tuberculosis. Controversial status of M. bovis BCG , the only available vaccine against tuberculosis necessitates search for superior vaccine, better diagnostics and improved drugs that can shorten the treatment duration by killing the complete pool of bacteria (drug resistant or drug sensitive, actively multiplying or latent/persistent). Research works in our lab involve the important research areas such as development of vaccine , serodiagnostics and discovery of new drugs, against TB . Presently our focus is towards the development of simple (in vitro/ex vivo/ in vivo) models for searching the new and better drugs for the treatment of drug resistant and latent TB infections.