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Ajay Kumar Srivastava, Ph.D.

Principle Scientist,Division Of Medicinal and Process Chemistry

Synthetic methodologies, Process Development, and Medicinal Chemistry

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Our research focus is to invent new chemical entities (NCEs) through innovative chemistry that is operationally simple, scalable and environmentally benign.

We have been developing non-catalytic multicomponent reactions (MCRs) followed by elegant post-MCR modifications to achieve high degree of structural complexity and diversity. This in turn helps us to explore the uncharted chemical space for drug development. Later on, we utilize these methods to synthesize Natural Products and Natural Product Like Molecules.

Our group also enjoys the various aspects of medicinal chemistry for hit identification and lead optimizations. With our focused efforts we could successfully obtain novel hits with potent anticancer, antihyperlipidemic, antibacterial and antiobesity activities. These molecules are under development and might serve as effective medicines in future.

Our lead molecule S-017-622 is currently under pre-clinical development as antihyperlipidemic agent.

Very recently, we have started working on process development of high-valued APIs through indigenous KSMs. Our research group was involved in the process optimization of antiviral drug Umifenovir that is undergoing clinical trial for the management of Covid-19.

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