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Division of Institute Core Facilities

Division of Institute Core Facilities

Environmental Health & safety carries utmost importance in research laboratory; Compliances of various statuary and government agencies i.e. Ministry of Environment & Forest, UP Pollution control board, Good Laboratory practice for rigorous monitoring the experimental and environmental parameters has been followed by the CSIR-CDRI. Our lab core facilities at CSIR-CDRI provide very important services in terms of operation and maintaining various centralized gas supply i.e. LPG, Nitrogen, Compressed air, vacuum and pharmaceutical buffer grade water to the work bench in chemical and biological research labs. The centralized services optimize the recurring expenditure and maintenance cost of the institute where the quality at centralized point can be assessed /analyzed. Presently following R&D and allied services are effectively functional and maintained under Division of Institute Core Facilities at the CSIR-CDRI, Lucknow.

1) Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Facility:

ICF Division maintaining the Institutional GLP research data and equipment facility as per the OECD Guidelines to comply the statutory requirements of NGCMA, New Delhi.
• Technical specification verification, procurement, installation and commissioning of GLP equipment.
• Calibration/validation of GLP equipment as per OECD guidelines.
• Troubleshooting/repair of sophisticated GLP equipment.
• Quarterly Performance check/preventive maintenance and report preparation of GLP equipment.
• Monthly Monitoring, controlling and report preparation for the standard environmental conditions in experimental rooms and other GLP labs (TICO, CADC, Toxicology & Histopathology).
• Preparation and revision of Standard operating procedure (SOP).
• Preparation and revision of following controlled documents
a) Master equipment List
b) Calibration/Validation record
c) Minor equipment List
d) Withdrawn/Replaced equipment list
e) Unique Identity Tag

2) Audio-Visual Unit:

Audio Visual Unit under ICF division looks after the audio visual and related facility of auditorium and meeting rooms/ halls for institutional scientific lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops, project meetings, selection committee meetings, RC meetings and other general events. The major activities of this unit are :

• Operation & maintenance of high end audio and visual systems to ensure smooth functioning during events.
• Co-ordination with other facility section for smooth organising of events.
• Preventive maintenance of amplifiers, switchers, feedback suppresser, microphones, portable sound systems, speakers and projection systems.
• Up-gradation of audio and visual system to make it compatible with available latest technology.
• Operation & maintenance of Information display system in Auditorium Complex for event information.
• Operation and management of Live broadcast systems.
• Operation & management of information kiosk installed at auditorium complex.
• Co-ordination with other section to maintain and renovate the related facilities of auditorium.

3) Instrumentation Unit:

Instrumentation section provides efficient and economical repair, maintenance and upkeep of different sophisticated analytical, biomedical, electronics and laboratory equipments in the CSIR-CDRI. Due to non-availability of imported components/spares, indigenous substitute were used to ensure the smooth functioning of equipments. Tracing of part of circuit were carried out whenever circuit diagram/service manual was not available. Technical specification verification was carried out for the procurement of state of the art new equipment. This unit helped the user scientists to prepare broad based technical specification and to choose right equipments to suit their applications. Laboratory equipments of different divisions of institute are calibrated as per GLP guidelines as per user requirement. Training provided on instrumentation technique and hardware to students from different academic institute under Skill development program.

4) Centralized Gas Supply & Utility Generation services:

Centralized Gas supply and utility services under other lab services at CSIR-CDRI provide crucial technical services in terms of operation and maintaining various centralized Services. Presently following services are effectively functional and maintained under ICF Division at CSIR-CDRI, Lucknow

• Onsite generation of Liquid Nitrogen (LN2).
• Operation & maintenance of nitrogen gas generation and onsite supply in approx. 500 distribution points in 120 labs
• Onsite supply and maintenance of LPG gas at work bench.
• Operation & maintenance of vacuum generation services, air compressor and onsite supply at work bench at approx. 500 distribution points.
• In House operation and maintenance of Glass Blowing Unit to manufacture glass capillaries repair of glassware equipment’s etc.
• Operation & Maintenance of pharmaceutical grade (ASTM D1193 Grade-III) specification De-ionized water supply at work bench.
• In House Operation & maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) & Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), Biomedical waste disposal through Incineration unit and statuary compliances of UPPCB and Ministry of Environment & Forest.
• Operation, up keeping of fire alarm, fire-fighting, fire hydrant system, public announcement (PA) system, fire pumps and Safety stations as per statuary guidelines of Department of Fire services, Uttar Pradesh Government.
• Maintaining of various housekeeping services i.e. Pest & rodent control, termite control, fogging, specialized cleaning in Animal care lab, Horticulture services etc. Environmental & Waste management as per statuary /Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) guidelines.

5) Guest House and Hostel

The division is maintaining Guesthouse and hostel facility of the CSIR-CDRI to cater our research students and guest from different government organizations, institutions, universities, colleges, industries coming for research work and for official meetings, workshops, conferences, seminars etc. We have sufficient accommodation for research scholars and guests.

6) Horticulture

7) Disaster Management: Fire Fighting Unit

8) Environmental, Health & safety Services:

The division coordinates and maintain Housekeeping services, specialized cleaning in Animal care labs, environmental & Waste management as per statuary /Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) guidelines. The divisional activity includes:

1. Operation and maintenance of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and Biomedical waste Incinerator etc.
2. Pest & rodent control, fogging for mosquito removal, termite control etc.
3. Operation and up keeping of fire alarm, fire-fighting, fire hydrant system and public announcement (PA) system and Safety stations.
4. Cleaning & maintenance of drinking water purification system & maintenance of common facilities.
5. Miscellaneous work on waste solvent /chemical recycle; horticulture & preparation of sports ground, play grounds in campus.

Scientist Staff List

Scientist List
  • Dr. Atul Goel, Senior Principal Scientist and Head, DICF
  • Mr. N. K. Agarwalla, Senior Principal Scientist
  • Er. Manoj Kumar Rawat, Principal Scientist
  • Er. Ranveer Singh, Senior Scientist