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Lead Compound S013-0431 (Antidyslipidemic)

    Lead Compound S013-0431 (Antidyslipidemic)

  • Introduction/Background:
    Among series of 52 similar pharmacophore compounds, CDRI compound S015-0431 showed best anti-adipogenic and anti-dyslipidemic activity. The compound series is being optimized through systematic hit-to-lead conversion approaches.

  • Highlight Description:
  • Compound S013-0431 showed drastic reduction in lipid accumulation in adipocytes in vitro. Compound S013-0431 when given to dyslipidemic hamster for 1 week showed less weight gain fed on high fat diet. Drug S013-0431 decreased serum triglyceride and improved overall lipid profile in treated hamsters and demonstrated anti-dylipidemic activity.

  • Importance/Unique Salient Feature:
  • Since increased tri-glyceride (TG) amount is major cause of fatal cardiometabolic disorders in Indian population, combating higher TG by novel chemical entitiy is a valid strategy. None of the drugs available in market specifically lowers serum TG level. Viz. Statin reduce serum cholesterol to great extent.

  • Business Exploitation Potential:
  • CDRI Compound S-013-0431 has potential to be a choice of drug for the treatment of dyslipidemia in Indian population.