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Toxicology group is involved in profiling of candidate drugs according to schedule Y guidelines. Systemic toxicology, reproductive toxicology, genetic toxicity, immunotoxicity and local toxicity and carcinogenicity are being done for NCEs.


Further, we are also involved in studying DNA polymorphisms and Disease association and development of alternative test systems in the areas of nephrotoxicity, hepatotoxicity, carcinogenesis, teratology, immunotoxicity, neurtoxicity and genotoxicity that may reduce, refine and may replace the use of animals in toxicity testing, and provide vital information on safety/mechanism of toxicity/metabolism of drugs. C. elegans is also now being developed as a model for toxicity evaluation.

Figure showing NEF induces lipodystrophy in C. elegans

Assessment of Neurotoxicity of Rotenone by Comet test in neuronal cell line

Assessment of hepatotoxicity by Fluorescent Microscopy in hepatic cell line

Team Members

image01Dr S. Sharma
image01Dr SK Rath
image01Dr RK Tripathi
image01Dr A Nazir
image01Dr Smrati Bhadauria
image01Dr Sarika Singh
image01Dr. Madhav Nilakanth Mugale