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Having research experience and interest of design & development of process plants with automation logics for a given chemical processes. Carried out research work on design and development of thermoelectric cooling systems for biomedical application. Having work experience of process instrumentation and trouble shooting of general lab equipments/instruments. Also interest of development of computational model and perform computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation by using Fluent-14 software for heat flow analysis.

Having more than five years of experience in the field of installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of plants (HVAC, nitrogen generation, Air- compressor, Vacuum, process plants and water purification plant).

Currently working in the area of GLP certification for development of Lab Animal Facility as per NGCMA (National Good Laboratory Practice Compliance Monitoring Authority) norms which include the Preparation of SOP’s, Instruments/equipments Installation, performance Check, Preventive Maintenance and calibration certification. Also conducting monitoring and analysis of environmental parameters (Temperature, relative humidity, sound intensity, light intensity and positive pressure, etc.) as per CPCSEA guideline.