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Laboratory Animals Facilities

The NLAC possesses complete facilities for breeding and maintenance of laboratory animals under standard husbandry conditions. The centre houses animal strains of different species of rodents, including inbred strains of mice, rat, hamster, logomorphs and nude mice. The centre also possesses specific pathogen free (SPF) and complete germfree (gnotobiotic) rodent breeding nuclei and a facility for primate behaviour studies and primate breeding.

This centre is self contained with its own Radiology, Genetics, Microbiology, Pathology, Nutrition, Parasitology, Services etc. for disease monitoring and management of laboratory animals. The environment provided to animals housed in the centre - including cages, feed, water etc. - matches with specifications laid down by Bureau of Indian Standards .

This centre takes care of humane handling of animals and follows Indian National science Academy guidelines for this purpose. NLAC is registered with the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA) for breeding and experiments on animals.

NLAC supplies animals for research projects of CDRI and to the outside institutions throughout India and abroad after necessary regulatory clearance. The centre also imparts training to nationals as well as International scientists/technicians and provide consultancy in this area.

Tissue Culture Unit

also has established a Tissue Culture Unit where human and animal cell lines are maintained. These cell lines are made available to the scientists of CDRI as well as the outside research institutes. The major purpose of this unit is to provide alternatives to the animal usage to scientists. The use of animals is minimised wherever possible by using cell lines in place of animals.

The unit caters to the following functions

It serves as a repository for transformed cell lines inlcuding maintenance, cryostorage and supply of cells for in vitro studies.
The repository consists of the following cell lines: MCF-7 (Human Breast Adenocarcinoma), Vero C-1008 (NCCS and NIV strains), L-929 mouse fibroblasts, 3T3-mouse embryo fibroblasts, etc.. New cell lines can be added and made available on demand.

Development of customized primary culture procedures for hepatocytes, splenocytes, mast cells from rat, mouse, etc.
Development of serum-free explant culture system from murine liver/spleen explants, rabbit endometrial explants, etc

Supplying cell lines and procedures for cell culture, etc. to laboratories/institutions

Short and Long term training facilities for trainees in tissue culture.
Trainees include undergraduate/postgraduate students, candidates sponsored from industry and foreign trainees

Facilities Available in the unit

The existing facilities cover complete infrastructure for performing tissue and cell culture experiments:

image01Laminar flow in appropriate culture room.
image01A walk-in cold room at 4°c.
image01CO2 Incubator and inverted phase contrast microscope.
image01Liquid Nitrogen storage facilities for storage of culture samples, etc.
image01A full-fledged Laboratory for conducting biochemical studies on tissue and cells.
image01Equipments such as phase contrast microscope for cytological studies, sonicator, PAGE and Western Blotting equipment, etc.