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Research Interests

image01 Neuroscience (neurophysiology and computation)
image01Drug discovery
image01Data science and artificial intelligence
image01Theoretical biology


image01Scientist Fellow (Quick Hire) at CSIR-CDRI (2016 - ongoing)
image01Assistant Professor (on contract) at IISER-Kolkata (2014 - 2015)
image01Postdoc at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY, USA (2011 - 2014)
image01Postdoc at The University of Texas at Austin, Tx, USA (2009 - 2010)

Selected Publications:

1. Bhatnagar M, Goel I, Roy T, Shukla SD, Khurana S. Complete Comparison Display (CCD) evaluation of ethanol extracts of Centella asiatica and Withania somnifera shows that they can non-synergistically ameliorate biochemical and behavioural damages in MPTP induced Parkinson's model of mice. PLoS One. 2017 May 16;12(5):e0177254.(Corresponding author)
2.Jagmag SA, Tripathi N, Shukla SD, Maiti S, Khurana S. Evaluation of Models of Parkinson's Disease. Front Neurosci. 2015; 9: 503.(Corresponding author)
3.Khurana S*, Remme MW*, Rinzel J, Golding NL. Dynamic interaction of Ih and IK-LVA during trains of synaptic potentials in principal neurons of the medial superior olive. Journal of Neuroscience. 2011; 31: 8936-47.
4.Khurana S, Liu Z, Lewis AS, Rosa K et al. An essential role for modulation of hyperpolarization-activated current in the development of binaural temporal precision. Journal of Neuroscience. 2012; 32: 2814-23.
5.Khurana S*, Li WK*, Atkinson NS. Image enhancement for tracking the translucent larvae of Drosophila melanogaster. PLoS One. 2010;5:e15259. (Corresponding author)
6.Khurana S, Abu Baker MB, Siddiqi O. Odour avoidance learning in the larva of Drosophila melanogaster. Journal of Biosciences. 2009; 34:621-31.