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  • To strengthen and advance the field of drug research in India.

  • Development of new drugs and diagnostics

  • Cellular and molecular studies to understand disease processes and reproductive physiology

  • Development of contraceptive agents and devices

  • Systematic evaluation of medicinal properties of natural products

  • Development of technology for drugs, intermediates and biologicals

  • Dissemination of information in the field of drug research , development and production

  • Consultancy and development of technical manpower

    Envisaged Vision
  • Achieve excellence in drug research & development
    The vision integrates the strategies through which CDRI aspires to be in the forefront for discovery of new drugs in disease areas of national relevance. It also envisages a strong commitment for exploiting natural resources so that the problem is approached holistically and multilaterally along with multifaceted infrastructure developments.

  • Contemplated strategic positioning of the laboratory, nationally and globally.
    To continue as one of the major centres for drug R&D and emerge as a world-class research institute.

  • Approach / strategy to be adopted for realising the vision of the laboratory
    The Institute envisages discovery of safe and better drug molecules in the area of tropical/infectious diseases and ageing related degenerative disorders.