Meeting Addressing National Trends in Harmonizing Achievable Norms in Drug Research
(MANTHAN: Drug Research & Commercialization)
15-16 September 2017

(Last date of Registration is 31 August 2017)

Changing times require dynamic adjustments. Comfort zones established by the drug industry and academic drug research for themselves over the past decades are rapidly diminishing, even as certain ways of evaluation and reporting gain precedence in the views of business leaders, policymakers, regulatory agencies and investors/funding agencies. The proposed conclave aims to engage drug researchers in the pharmaceutical industry and academic institutions, along with higher-level policymakers and administrators in government and industry, in an honest appraisal of state-of-art developments emanating from the academia. We propose a meeting to ask each other some important questions. Does academic research matter? Can innovation be nurtured without curiosity-driven research? Are solutions proposed by academic researchers worth pursuing, even if they are not commercially profitable in the short term? How are academic researchers rated by the pharmaceutical industry and vice versa? We intend to bring out a Consensus Statement/Position Paper based on the deliberations during the conclave, to place before policymakers. We invite participation from stakeholders in the discovery of small-molecule drugs, phytopharmaceuticals, formulations etc. in this churning of ideas.

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