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Central Nervous System

Anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, anti-Parkisnon, anti-dementia activity: Various rodent models of anxiety, depression, psychosis, Parkinson’s disease and dementia (Alzheimers) are being used to develop the novel therapeutics and also to conduct basic studies to establish the mechanism of etiology and pathology of these complex CNS disorders.

Animal models and in vitro screening

  • Gross behavior: Locomotor activity, rotarod test, Grip-strength meter

  • Anti anxiety: Elevated Plus maze, Light/Dark appearance test, Vogel conflict test

  • Anti-depressant: Tail suspension test, forced swim test, Sociability test and sucrose preference test.

  • Anti-dementia: Morris water maze test, 8-Arm radial maze test, Novel object recognition test and active/passive avoidance

  • Analgesia : Hot-plate test, Tail flick test, and Von Frey hair test

Papers Published

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Ever since Gugulipid was licensed to industry for lipid lowering activity, we continued our research with Gugulipid for life style diseases and recently discovered a new utility as anti-dementia profile and have secured patent rights for the discovery [US Patent 6896901, 2005].

Animal models and in vitro screening

  • In vitro Assay:

  • Acetycholine esterase inhibition, GPCRs (Serotonin and Dopamine receptors) profiling

  • In Vivo assays:

  • Cholinergic deficits : Scoploamine induced memory deficits in MWM and NOR paradigm

  • Anti-amyloid activity: C. elegans

  • Active and Passive avoidance test

  • Eight-arm radial maze and pre-pulse inhibition tests

Product in Pipeline

  • Bacopa monniera

  • Evolvulus alsinoides

  • Gugulipid

  • Standardized extract of Bacopa monniera (Bacosides 50-60%) develped at CDRI as memory enhancer

  • Bacosides A & B (Bacoside A is a mixture of 3 triterpenoid saponins bacogenin A1, A2 and A3)

Papers Published

  • Das A, Dikshit M, Nath C, Role of Molecular Isoforms of Acetylcholinesterase in Learning and Memory Functions. Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 2005, 81: 89-99

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  • US Patent # 6896901 ; Euopean patent #1224938