Standardized fraction of 4655 as antidyslipidemic herbal formulation
  • Introduction/Background:
    Clerodane diterpene, a natural compound isolated from leaves (a renewable resource) of Polyalthia longifolia (False Ashoka), is a new class of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor.

  • Highlight Description:
  • Our studies provide the first evidence that clerodane diterpene inhibits triglyceride accumulation in-vitro in adipocytes. Furthermore, clerodane diterpene ameliorates dyslipidemia and obesity like FDA approved drug (Orlistat) when given in mice. Taken together, clerodane diterpene is good candidate as a translational lead for metabolic disorders..

  • Importance/Unique Salient Feature:
  • Clerodane diterpene, although belonging to a distinct chemical class, possess triglyceride lowering activity specifically targeting Indian population for treating dyslipidemia.

  • Patent Status
  • Title: A process for isolation of 16a-hydroxycleroda-3,13(14)Z-dien-15,16-olide from Polyalthia longifolia.

  •   Application Number:   0773DEL2008;
      Date:   26-Mar-08
      Title:   Method of treating dyslipidemia using naturally occurring diterpene
      Inventors:   Koneni Venkata Sashidhara, Anju Puri & Jammikuntla Naga Rosaiah
      Appl No.   US-12/323156
      Date of Filing:   25-Nov-08
      Grant No   89215417
      Grant Date:   30-Dec-14