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Research Interests

Antimalarial Drug development

Evaluation of new pharmacophores for their blood schizontocidal activity against P.falciparum
Experimental in vivo antimalarial profile studies against drug sensitive and resistant malaria parasites in mouse and monkey model
Exploration of new drugs for cerebral malaria
Combinations studies to explore new synergistic drug partners
Development/assessment of nanoformulations for antimalarials

Cerebral malaria (CM)

Development of in vitro/in vivo models for CM
CM related pathological/immunological mechanistic studies
Study of neurotransmitters involved in CM

Studies linked to drug resistance in malaria

Evaluation of genetic markers involved in drug resistance
Drug resistance reversal studies

Action mechanisms of antimalarials

Studies of antimalarial induced apoptotic pathway in malaria parasites
β hematin formation inhibition studies

Protein Identification

Identification of proteins involved in malaria pathogenesis