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Research Interests

image01 Currently our lab is focussing on establishment of model for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and associated cardio-pulmonary complications with it. Also the main focus is to explore various targets and biomarkers involved in disease progression of COPD and inflammatory conditions affecting pulmonary system.

Study on cardiac heart failure model in rodents.

Other research interest includes ---

image01Potential use of Nanotechnology in targeted drug delivery and increasing bioavailability, enhancing the efficiency and controlled release of drugs at suitable site-----Receptor targeted therapy.

Cancer models (Ehrlich ascites carcinoma model, gastric adenocarcinoma model) and pharmacological interventions in cancer treatment.

Apoptosis and various inflammatory markers in tumour micro-environment regulating cancer progression, PI3K-AKT- mTOR pathway in regulating cell growth and proliferation, estimating in vitro efficacy of molecules in cancer cell lines.

Exploring the effects of phyto-extracts in hepatotoxicity model of rodents and zebrafish.