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Research Interests

Organic Chemistry/Green Chemistry

Development of new strategies (Coupling/Condensation/Oxidation/Cascade/Multi component Reactions (MCR) etc) in Organic Synthesis, Ultrasound/Microwave irradiation and water/ionic liquids as green tools for organic molecules and industrial process chemistry, Asymmetric synthesis,Organocatalysis, Phenolics/Fluorine/Hetrocyclic chemistry, Macromolecules/Polymer Chemistry and Chemo/bio-sensors, Development of affordable chemical processes.

Natural Products/Natural Colors & Dyes/Food Chemistry

Isolation and structure elucidation of bioactive molecules from plant sources, Enhancing the prospect of natural molecules for commercialization/value addition through semi-synthetic routes, Prospecting natural dyes from the various plants including plants of Western Himalayas, Designing/synthesis of bioactive natural and non-natural molecules for pharma-agri-food industries including FEMA-GRAS approved flavouring agents, Development of processes for bioactive/marker compounds.

Medicinal Chemistry

Design and economical synthesis/semi-synthesis of anti- malarial, anti-diabetic, anti-tuberculosis, anti-leismanial, anti-cancer, anti-microbial, pesticidal and antioxidant agents etc and their structural activity relationship studies towards development of new drug/drug combination. Synthesis of hybrid scaffolds for improved bioactivities.


Utilization of microbes/whole cells/enzymes for production of value added compounds.

Analytical Chemsitry

Development of rapid analytical techniques (HPLC/HPTLC/UPLC/GC-MS/LC-MS etc) for quantitative/qualitative analysis of plant secondary metabolites and synthetic molecules, Chemical fingerprinting for the standardization of the plant extracts/fractions.