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Research Interests

Our research group is interested in investigating the various immune evasion strategies adopted by the filarial nematode Brugia malayi to overcome the protective host immune response. The focal points of research are several excretory-secretory (ES) products of the filarial nematode and their effect on host immune cells. We are specifically interested in elucidating the molecular mechanism behind functional impairment of different subsets of host dendritic cells and macrophages during the early stages of host-parasite interaction. Finding out the reasons behind alternative activation of host macrophages and impaired priming of the host adaptive immune response is an important aspect of our research work. In addition to this, we are also interested in elucidating the role of eosinophils during Tropical Pulmonay Eosinophilia (TPE) which is a rare, but fatal manifestation of filariasis. The lab also routinely carries out screening of synthetic and natural products for evaluation of their anti-filarial activity both in vitro and in vivo using rodent models of filarial infection.