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Research Interests

Most compounds with supposed pharmacological activity being churned out of synthetic machinery have some sort of associated delivery challenge (extreme hydrophobicity, water aversion, stability). Our research group focuses on formulating and evaluating (includes physicochemical and biological characterization) feasible carriers for such drug candidates. The trivial objectives are layered and change circumstantially: solubility modulation, receptor and organ targeting, bioavailability increment, revamping the routes of compound administration, reduction in off target effects, generating stable and reproducible dosage form, pilot batches, etc. However the principal objectives remain same: development of safe and effective novel/conventional delivery systems in order to protect and transport bioactive agents for treatment and management of life threatening diseases such as cancer, leishmaniasis, filariasis, etc. An unfortunate ground reality of drug discovery in today’s day and age is that, most simple molecules as potential drug candidates have already been exploited. Consequently, we have to look into complex bulky structures which are usually poorly water soluble and have very low bioavailability. Oral route is the most preferred route for administration of drugs. But poor aqueous solubility of drugs with consequent low bioavailability makes oral administration of such novel compounds unviable. Enhancement of oral delivery of poorly water soluble drugs is therefore another explorative field which we are pursuing via self-emulsifying delivery systems and polymeric micelles. We are fervent about developing different pharmaceutical dosage forms (conventional and novel delivery systems), which will cater to health, scientific, socio-economic as well as industrial quotient of India