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Research Interests

Our research programme addresses the problem of metabolic bone disorders that includes osteoporosis and related disorders. The major focus is to study relationship of declining sex steroid levels in aging women and men to bone loss. These studies are complimented by animal studies and basic bone biology tools examining bone cells at different stages of differentiation. Our studies represent the leading edge of osteoporosis research, especially in the area of female osteoporosis and basic bone cell biology.

Specific areas of research include

image01Potential new drug targets for osteoporosis.

image01Role of miRNAs responsible for bone mass reversal at the time of weaning.

image01Relationship between fat and bone mass in high fat diet (HFD) induced osteoporosis model. We hypothesize that HFD aggravates ovariectomy related complications.

image01Development of novel delivery system for bone.

image01Bone growth mechanisms and regulation including nutritional intervention that includes understanding the mechanism for normal bone growth and simultaneously focusing on understanding the growth plate biology.

image01 Development of JOINT FRESH® from Spinacea oleracea for Osteoarthritis

image01 Development of REUNION® a rapid fracture healing agent from Dalbergia sissoo

image01Novel Bone Seeking Delivery Systems

image01Obesity Induced Bone Loss