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Research Interests

image01Eukaryotic gene regulation .
image01 Structure, stability, function and application of proteins.


Eukaryotic Gene Regulation and Proteomics: The ultimate aim of our project is to address the fundamental question of how the epigenetic modifications of the RNA Polymerase II CTD help in mRNA biogenesis. Regulation of transcription is one of the most important steps that control cell growth and differentiation. Appropriate gene regulation is critical for cellular development and aberrant regulation is associated with cancer and other disease. Understanding the extent of gene regulation at the epigenetic level would help address and control the abnormal cellular behavior in cancer and other diseases and will eventually contribute towards more targeted treatment strategies.

Structure, Stability, Function and Application of Proteins: The aim of this project is to understand the structure function relationship of hyaluronate lyases in degrading hyaluronan and other components of extra cellular matrix. Aberrant hyaluronan production has been implicated in many types of tumor. We aim to engineer the enzyme in such a way to have controlled production of hyaluronan and other glycosaminoglycans of fixed mer, to be used for the commercial purposes.

We employ a battery of approaches including biochemical, proteomics, biophysical and yeast genetics tool to accomplish our research interests.