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Research Interests

In-vitro & in-vivo biosynthesis and enrichment of bioactive secondary metabolites

image01 In-vitro biosynthesis and enrichment of targeted cardiac glycosides from Calotropis gigantea (L.) Dryand and Nerium oleanderL.
image01 In-vitro biosynthesis and enrichment of targeted indole alkaloids from Alstonia scholaris (L.)R.Br.
image01 Enrichment of targeted pyranocarbazoles in the potted plants of Murraya koenigii (L.) Sprengel

Survey, collection, identification, authentication, taxonomic characterization and IUCN red list status determination of medicinal plants

image01  Exploration of different phytogeographical regions of India for medicinal plant survey
image01 Collection of leaves and flowering/fruiting twigs of these plants from all locations
image01  Seasonal and stage specific collection of different parts of these plants from Lucknow

Nomenclature update of herbarium specimens and establishment of virtual Herbarium

image01 Update the nomenclature of herbarium specimens as per the latest ICBN and their proper rearrangements.
image01 Digitization of herbarium specimens and incorporation of their field data in a specially designed software for the establishment of virtual Herbarium