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Medicinal Chemistry: Drug Development of Biologically Important Natural and Synthetic Molecules

image01  Design and Synthesis of New Anti-osteoporotic Agents
✓Synthesis of natural isoflavones, coumarins, pterocarpans and related compounds
✓Synthesis of natural product mimics and bioisosteres for the treatment of osteoporosis and bone disorders
✓Total synthesis of biologically relevant natural products.
✓Chiral resolution of optically active natural and synthetic compounds
✓Synthesis, Molecular Dynamics, and Configurational Assignment of Pterocarpans

image01  Design and Synthesis of New Anti-diabetic Agents
✓Design and Synthesis of new N-/S-/O-heterocyclic Compound as DPPIV inhibitors and GLP-1 selective agonists
✓Design and Synthesis of new AMPK activators for the treatment of diabetes

Chemical Biology and Applied Chemistry: Development of New Organic Fluorescent Probes for Diagnostics, Theranostics and Technological Devices

image01 Design and Synthesis of New Organelle Specific Bioimaging Agents
image01 Design and Synthesis of New Fluorescent Chemosensors and Chemodosimeters
image01  Design and Synthesis of New Donor-Acceptor Based Fluorescent Dyes for Devices

Basic Chemistry: Development of New Synthetic Approaches for Privileged Heterocyclic Compounds

image01 Exploration of Highly Versatile Chemistry of Pyranones to obtain Diverse Aromatic and Heterocyclic Scaffolds through Ring Transformation Strategy
image01  Design new synthetic routes for biologically important natural products and their intermediates
image01 Evaluation of Biological properties of new Privileged Heterocyclic Compounds
image01  Chiral resolution of rotationally hindered aromatic compounds
image01  Determination of Absolute Configuration of Axially Chiral Compounds