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Research Interests

Our lab is working on drug delivery systems along lines followed by hundreds of researchers worldwide. We like to think we are different, because we get to work with CSIR-CDRI compounds in the discovery pipeline and we follow three guiding principles:
Any (reasonable) amount of drug can be delivered to any (reasonably distinct) tissue or cell site, within any (reasonable) time window—the ‘why’ is more interesting than the ‘how’ of drug delivery.
Drug delivery is not the end of the problem—the fun starts after drug delivery is achieved.
Delivery systems proposed by us should be industrially scalable; dirt cheap (not merely cost-effective); and relevant to diseases of socio-economically challenged people.
We collaborate with the Tuberculosis, Diabetes and Male Contraception research groups in the Institute, and with:
U.D. Gupta and Pushpa Gupta at NJIL&OMD Agra, Bernard Fourie at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, and Anthony J Hickey at the Research Triangle Institute, USA for work on tuberculosis;
KS Venkatesh for computation and mathematical modeling, and with Dhirendra S Katti on particulate systems; both at IIT Kanpur;
Arvind K Bansal at NIPER, SAS Nagar; and
Rajiv Garg at KGMU for work on humans.
We have been funded by CSIR, DST, DBT, ICMR, the Royal Society, UK, Tokyo University of Science, Japan, and corporate donors.
At this time, we can only accommodate trainees from MS Pharm (Pharmaceutics) students of NIPER, Rae Bareli.

Research Projects

Tuberculosis Malaria Diabetes Contraception Particles Transdermals

Courses Taught (AcSIR, JNU, NIPER)

Drug Delivery Systems; Drug Regulatory Affairs; Philosophy of Science; Cellular and Molecular Evolution; The Major Histocompatibility Complex; Antigen Processing and Presentation

Research Facilities

Spray-drying, spray freeze-drying, supercritical fluid particle formation system, liposome extruder etc. for delivery system fabrication.
Tangential flow filtration, centrifuges, freeze-dryer, rotary evaporators etc. for isolation HPLC, DSC-TGA, Stability chambers, Mastersizer, Zetasizer, Microplate reader, gradient PCR, BSL-3 cell culture facility.

Carreer Highlights

The “Eat-a-banana-sideways” award in B. Pharm; 1987.
R&D Pharmacist at Trends Pharma, Bombay, 1989-90.
Staff Scientist-I at the National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi, 1991-92
DST Young Scientist, 1997