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Research Interests

Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design

☆ Design and Synthesis of Anti-Osteoporotic agents

image01  Search for new Anti-Osteoporotic agents

☆ Design and Synthesis of Anti-cancer agents

image01 Natural Product Inspired Design and synthesis of newer anticancer agents
image01 Design and synthesis of novel Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors as anticancer agents
image01  Design and synthesis of selective HDAC inhibitors

☆ Design and Synthesis of Anti-tubercular agents

image01  Natural Product Inspired Design and synthesis of newer anti-tubercular agents

☆ Medicinal Chemistry for Stem cell and Regenerative medicine

image01  Chemical Approach to Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine

☆ Drug Repositioning

image01  Pharmacophore Guided Early-Stage Drug Repositioning

☆ Green and Sustainable Chemistry

image01  Green synthesis for bioactive natural Products
image01  Organo-catalysed catalysed CH- Functionalization
image01  Design of green synthesis for Bioactive agents
image01  Functional Ionic Liquid mediated synthesis (FILMs)
image01  Nano-transition-metal-based reactions
image01  Amphiphile mediated Organic Reactions in Water
image01  Enzyme catalysed/Biomimetic organic synthesis

☆ Teaching :

image01  Green and Sustainable Chemistry (AcSIR and JNU, New Delhi)
image01  Drug discovery

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