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Research Interests

My research interests are centered around molecular parasitology, specifically in elucidation of drug resistance mechanisms in clinical visceral leishmaniasis cases. The contribution of host genetic factors in Leishmania susceptibility in Indian populations has also been investigated by her group. A significant basic research component involves exploration of unique biochemical pathways and enzymes for identification and validation of putative drug targets and design and development of novel drug molecules. I have authored several books and scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals. I am a three time awardee from Indian Council of Medical Research. I have been associated with prominent international developments to bring the global health systems focus to this ‘neglected disease’. I have been at the helm of the affairs in the inception of the Leishmaniasis Research Society (India) and organization of the 4th World Congress on Leishmaniasis at Lucknow, India in 2009. Presently, I am all set to uncover the parasite’s DNA blueprint. I feel ‘knowing the genetic sequence of this parasite from clinical cases, opens a new door for development of better control regimens’.